The Certified Jail Officer Certification is for all officers, including line level staff. It can be used as a basic training program and covers jail officer responsibilities.

For the Certified Jail Officer Certification you must meet the following requirements.

  • United States citizen at least 21 years of age or Citizen of a country in which the United States does not have sanctions
  • No felony convictions
  • No dishonorable discharge from the United States military (applicable to United States Veterans only)
  • Neither a record of disciplinary action from any state, province or territory, or licensing or certification board within the past 10 years nor subject under any such investigation
  • Current National Sheriffs’ Association membership
  • Complete a minimum of 75 total certified training hours and pass certification examination within 12 months of formal application. Courses successfully completed within 12 months prior to the application submission date will be accepted.
Required Course
Elective Courses

The combination of courses you select in this category must equal 10 or more training hours.

Inmate Health Care: Basic Medical* (6 Hours)

Inmate Rights and Privileges* (16 Hours)

Interpersonal Communications in the Correctional Setting* (16 Hours)

Municipal Jailer Course* (40 Hours)

Objective Jail Classification* (4 Hours)

Suicide Detection and Prevention in Jails* (16 Hours)

Use of Force in a Jail Setting* (16 Hours)

National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference Seminars (Various Hours)

National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Conference Seminars (Various Hours)

* Available Online


There is an administrative cost of $195 to enroll in certificate program. If you do not complete the certification process in the allotted time, do not pass the certification examination, or are not approved for the certification, no refund will be given.