The Basic Court Security Certification is the first level in a three-part series program. This level certifies that you are a court security professional and launches your career by providing you with necessary training.

For the Basic Court Security Certification you must meet the following requirements.

  • United States citizen at least 21 years of age or Citizen of a country in which the United States does not have sanctions
  • No felony convictions
  • No dishonorable discharge from the United States military (applicable to United States Veterans only)
  • Neither a record of disciplinary action from any state, province or territory, or licensing or certification board within the past 10 years nor subject under any such investigation
  • Current National Sheriffs’ Association membership
  • Minimum of 1 year work experience in a court security function. You must either be currently employed or have been honorably separated from the position.
  • Complete 1 training course within 12 months of formal application. Courses successfully completed within 12 months prior to the application submission date will be accepted.
Required Experience
  • Minimum of 1 Year Court Security Experience
Elective Courses

Select one of the courses listed below.

Columbia Southern University: Introduction to Court Security BCJ3450* (3 Hours)

Columbia Southern University: Protecting Court Personnel BCJ 3451* (3 Hours)

Columbia Southern University: Physical Security BCJ 3452* (3 Hours)

Columbia Southern University: Court Security Supervision BCJ 3453* (3 Hours)

National Sheriffs’ Association Court Security Training (16 Hours)

* Available Online


There is an administrative cost of $195 to enroll in certificate program. If you do not complete the certification process in the allotted time or are not approved for the certification, no refund will be given.